Poverty Video

12 Apr


My Ideal Audience is basically anyone from 18 and up that has a good heart and willing to help a helping hand whenever they can. For instance donations to charities or food and clothes all for the homeless. I chose this video because i felt that the person who made this video was also seeking anyone who would give to those in need I say this because the video gives statistics of poverty in America. And at the end of the video theyexplained how (YOU) the audience can donate anything and help the less fortunate.



9 Apr


13 Mar

http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=6j7grMVtT9cC&oi=fnd&pg=PA381&dq=health+benefits+of+homeownership (Home ownership and physical, and psychological health) Title


3 Mar

“Rohe and Stegman found that low-income people who recently became homeowners reported
higher life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, and higher perceived control over their lives”

Journal of the American Planning Association, 60(2), pp. 173-84.

Research Proposal: Home ownership Benefits of health

23 Feb

My topic will be real estate, and how homeownership benefits health. Real estate is a career that consists of real estate agents, business men and women, who represent a real estate firm. Real estate Professionals sale houses condos and many other living facilities. In America people rent houses and apartments, usually the most crime, and health related issues occur in disadvantaged neighborhoods where most houses are rented. Also disadvantaged low income apartments are called “projects” or “Ghetto”. This project will identify and explain the benefits of Homeownership and one’s health. This topic relates very well to the Community health and wellness project. Also I will explain how Homeowners have high self-esteem because they own a house. Also the difference in a person who goes from renting a house, to owning a house. How behavior changed and also confidence would change in an individual. If there was something to make owning a house affordable to low income families, maybe health issues and crime will decrease, people will be happy maybe. This topic inspires me because I know how it felt to live in a disadvantage neighborhood, or better yet projects. The days I have, now that I am in a different environment are a lot better than the days in the projects. I feel more comfortable, safe, and I am not as depressed as I was waking up some nights to gunshots or police sirens. Nevertheless Realtors also rent out houses. Real estate is a booming field in America although it can struggle when the country is economically depressed. Nevertheless homeownership is still occurring in our everyday lives. Thorough research on the topic will provide me with questions to answer. For instance breaking down the benefits of health, what is the average life expectancy of a home owner? Explain the difference between homeownership and renting? Are there cons about being a home owner? Are there health effects on home ownership? Also does social benefits of homeownership relate to health in any way?  Looking at real estate firm websites will be a significant part of my research, not to mention there are multiple real estate firms in the U.S. so many websites should have good information. Donald trump will also be in my research because he is a multi-million dollar real estate developer. Nevertheless he has written multiple books on real estate. Hopefully I will find useful info to help explain how this topic can explain a lot in society today. One subject that will be difficult to find is the downfall of health by owning a house. When owning a house mortgage comes with it and also. Another problem that will be great for research is foreclosures, which hurt the economy as well as the individual. This can also lead to health issues such as depression and high blood pressure. My research will be done mainly on the internet simply because it’s more broad, as far as research goes.


6 Feb

I finally found someone to interview he is from Scotland county i thought i would choose this person cause he is middle aged, and i figure he would know about the area he was raised in. I was also thinking and writing down some good open-ended questions to ask during my interview

Holocaust oral history project

1 Feb

IWitness is an oral history project that gives educators, and students full access to search, watch, and learn from holocaust survivors, and witnesses. This oral history project basically educates whoever visits the site, by getting in depth interviews from survivors about the horrific holocaust. They are various stories and different experiences from different people. I learned that oral history is first and foremost the original way of communicating history throughout thousands of years. Oral history is how we have documented the history of the world and past generations. Also Antisemitism which is feelings, attitudes, and acts of prejudice against jews was something new i learned about the holocaust times. What i liked most was learning in depth experiences about the holocaust that can only be told first hand, by the people who experienced and lived to tell about it.